Be Careful With That FAQ

It could kill your SEO rankings

During the last few weeks we were experimenting with how we can improve our SEO rankings for Jaatakam.

We had some pretty basic stuff in our pages as content as far as SEO keywords were concerned. Nothing targeted, but just enough content to inform the user about the website. We had found some pretty good improvement with impressions and views after we optimized our Terms and Privacy policy pages earlier.

Having had some decent success, we went about adding more content to our page to have a better coverage of keywords (Yes. we wanted to be ranked better for those top 100 keywords!). Added some interesting questions and answers that were relevant to the site. Created a separate FAQ page. Added the page to the Sitemap. Let Google know about it. And waited.

The result. In two weeks our page ranking dropped and the number of impressions dropped by 60%.

On frantic analysis, found that the keyword density for those KWs that were helping us get so many impressions had dropped due to the new content added. And that resulted in far fewer hits than earlier.

Lesson learned. Be careful with adding new text content to your site as it could hurt SEO in a big way. One possible solution could be adding the new content to a separate blog page and convert users from that page to your site.

As of now, we have removed the added page and waiting for results. It may be a couple of weeks before we see any change, but we will update here when we see any improvements.