Product Design (and Marketing) Based on User Behavior

Product Design (and Marketing) based on user behavior

An excellent article by Nir Eyal that encourages product developers to build technology based on user behaviors. NIr suggests using a framework called the Desire Engine Canvas to think of how a product can engage users.

The beauty of the framework is it subtly makes product designers focus on “marketing” or “engaging” users with product features rather than just providing functionality. Nir recommends that a product user needs to be taken through desire engine cycles to form the habit of using your product.

The desire engine cycle consists of four simple steps, 1) an internal or external trigger, 2) an action by the user as soon as they use your product, 3) A variable reward for the action performed and 4) a commitment action performed by the user to move them to the next cycle. The hypothesis is that the faster one gets users get through a desire engine cycle and the faster users perform multiple cycles and form a habit. Once a habit is formed users keep coming back to your product or site driven by internal triggers!