The Best Tech Startup Founder Team - a Hacker and a Hustler

The Best Tech startup founder team - A Hacker and a Hustler

A great article from Micah on who or what a Hacker/Hustler team is. Check out Hacker and Hustlers. This is how he defines hackers and hustlers

Hacker -  A Hacker is someone who looks the problem, and solves it in a unique and special way. A Hacker finds the process of problem solving exciting and interesting, and spends the majority of their time looking at the problem in multiple ways, finding many potential solutions.

Hustler - A Hustler on the other other hand is a relationship builder. Someone who can build direct relationships with their customers. They are passion people. They have the ability to articulate their passion clearly and in a way that gets other people equally passionate.

Something for me to keep coming back to as my search for a hustler (along with searching for a business mode1) continues…..